Thursday, February 11, 2010

Freemans Bay School Vision

Our vision statement was developed through consultation with our community. We surveyed parents, staff and students and had a focus group to help pull these ideals together.


'Ma te Kura o Waiatarau hei whakahaere he kura ahuru mo nga tamariki katoa. Kia tu pakari ai ratau ahakoa pewhea te uaua o nga mahi ka tu tangata ratau katoa.'

In a safe and challenging learning environment we will foster the creative and critical thinking skills necessary to contribute to society.

Our students will be well prepared for their future.

They will be expected to develop the learning capabilities that our community values.

Our students will:
  • Be Knowledgeable
  • Be Thinkers
  • Have a Can Do attitude
  • Be Good
  • Collaborate

The following five values are the ones our school community agrees are our priority.

  • Respect - Tumanako
    We will respect each other, our selves and the environment
    We know how to speak and act respectfully
    We are courteous and polite
    We will be responsible for our own things
    We will be responsible for the school environment
  • Honesty - Whakapono
    We are honest
    We can be trusted
    We strive to be fair and just
  • Friendship – Tiaki Pai / Aroha
    We will encourage and work collaboratively with others
    We will be kind and caring towards others
    We know how to behave in a conflict situation
    We will listen carefully to what others have to say.
    We will value the skills, talents and efforts of other people
  • Reaching for Success
    We are motivated to learn and try new ways of doing things
    We will strive to do our best
    We will have a “can do” attitude
    We are passionate about learning
  • Celebrating Diversity
    Celebrate our unique and rich diversity of cultures
    We will be tolerant and appreciative of other cultures
    We will respect each others

We are interested in your views of our vision statement and its relevance to you and your family.

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