Thursday, February 11, 2010

E-learning Journey at Freemans Bay School

The metaphor of a journey , gives the idea that achieving the e-learning vision for our school is a journey and that a destination is expected. The journey is to: Utilise e-learning to transform learning. The destination of the journey is to ensure our school students are digitally capable and confident learners. I am hopeful that this journey will be accepted by our teachers as, aspirational , realistic , achievable and most importantly connected to the new revised curriculum which advocates the requirement of schools to develop students into “confident, connected, actively involved longlife learners” (MOE, 2007, p4) . This blog will address my own journey as a school leader, to meaningfully integrate e-learning with the new school curriculum and achieve our goal of embarking on an exciting journey . The challenge for me as school leader is to engage and motivate all classroom teachers and leaders in our school to commit to the journey and make it happen. This blog will record the progress of this journey, including the dead ends and blind allies! I am interested in others experiences of similar journeys


  1. You've done a great job resourcing the school in preparation for this journey, physically and through good pedagogy. I'm sure it will be a great success.

  2. Hi Rebecca - its always a thrill to hear from past teachers and students. Thankyou for being the first to post on my blog! Yes, I think we are in a good space for the journey and it will happen. Have a look at the older post on the role of the ICT leader - and what we achieved over the last year. It is quite staggering really. One of our goals is to apply to lead an ICTPD cluster in the next round with the inner city schools who wish to participate. So we might end up collaborating and working together on that project at some level.

    Great to have you back in the inner city!