Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What do Student Led Conferences Look Like at Freemans Bay School?

Student Led Conferences Freemans Bay School


As you see we have several families in the room at the same time. The students talk to their parents about their learning goals which are posted on the learning management system - KnowledgeNET.   This year we had 95% turnout. Many parents are now accessing their student learning blogs through their own log-on at home. They are able to post to their students blogs strengthening the home and school partnership around learning.  

Student led conferences provide an opportunity for students to talk about their learning goals and have parents find out what these are and consider ways to support their students learning at home. Students are able to open up their goals on a classroom computer to access our on-line learning environment “Knowledge Net” and talk to parents about their goals and next learning steps. Parents interact with their students in the classroom and take part in some learning activites both online and in the classroom.

The focus of our student led conferences includes:

■Literacy goals

■Numeracy goals

■Habits of Mind (work habits)

What does a student led conference look like?

■A conversation between the students and their parent about learning

■Other families are present in the room at the same time

■The teacher is present but the student is doing the talking about their learning

Friday, August 10, 2012

Garden to Table Programme

We have started a new programme at Freemans Bay School. We are now part of the Stephanie Alexander Garden to Table programme. This programme gives students hands on experience of growing produce, cooking and sharing the food they harvest.

This term our Year 1 and Year 2 students have a teaching unit called "Garden to Pizza".

They are growing food that they can utilise for pizza toppings and will have a harvest celebration pizza party, once the food is ready to be harvested.

This Photo-peach presentation demonstrates progress so far.

The Garden to Table programme enriches our curriculum. It is fun, involves creative thinking, life skills and encompasses learning areas such as measurement, science, social studies, health and techology. The students have to use a range of habits of mind to solve problems and work together to achieve their garden. These include, persistence,  thinking creatively, managing impulsivity and working together. The Garden to Table project provides an authentic setting for  learning to happen. It is exciting, motivating and fun!

The launch of the garden was a success. We had help from parents, teachers and volunteers. Our first student garden has commenced ready for Spring growing of plants. We look forward to our students experiencing their first harvest and sharing of food with our school community.