Friday, August 12, 2011

Parent Portal is launched at Freemans Bay School

This week we launched our Caregiver Area on our online learning environment - Knowledge Net. This is a screen shot of the home page of our parent portal.

Parents can:

-View their childs learning goals and learning journals.
- View their child's attendance records.
- View their child's school records,
- See their child's profile, class and groups that the child belongs to

- Visit websites to support thier child on their learning journey

Parents can put in their on reflections on forums about school activities as well as comments on their childrens learning pages about how they see their child in doing with their learning goals.

This is very interactive and supports parents to support their children in their learning. It helps to strengthen the learning partnership between parent, child and school.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Student Led Conferences at Freemans Bay School

Student Led Conferences Freemans Bay School 2011 on PhotoPeach

2011 Student Led Conferences

Student led conferences provide an opportunity for students to talk about their learning goals and have parents find out what these are and consider ways to support their students learning at home. Students are able to open up their goals on a classroom computer to access our on-line learning environment “Knowledge Net” and talk to parents about their goals and next learning steps. Parents interact with their students in the classroom and take part in some learning activites both online and in the classroom.

The focus of our student led conferences includes:
■Literacy goals
■Numeracy goals
■Habits of Mind (work habits)

What does a student led conference look like?

■A conversation between the students and their parent about learning
■Other families are present in the room at the same time
■The teacher is present but the student is doing the talking about their learning

Student learning artifacts:

Portfolios provide documentation of your child’s learning. Exercise books, digital files, drawings and classroom displays also represent student learning. The information in each student’s portfolio, along with other classroom working documents, clearly informs parents about their child’s expectations, actual progress and achievement. Portfolios also provide a curriculum expectation checkpoint. This enables parents to see information that details:

■The student’s actual level of attainment in key curriculum areas (literacy, numeracy and habits of mind)
■The student’s current achievement level compared to the age expected level

Parents are always welcome to make a time to have an individual appointment with the class teacher to talk about their students learning.

Students and parents find this process very engaging and compelling!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Knowledge Net Parent Portal to be launched at Freemans Bay School

We are looking forward to launching our parent portal next week at our student led conferences.

The Prezi presentation by Sarah Ingram of Knowledge Net gives you an idea of how parent portal assists parents to support their students learning.

We are looking forward to having feedback from our parents on how they find our parent portal and how it helps to support student learning.