Sunday, July 22, 2012

Student voice v Parent accountability

This week I held a workshop with our teachers as we move to prepare for student led conferences to be held this term.

We know that effective reporting systems are the ones where 'student voice' is an integral part of the reporting process. The focus of student led conferences is the students talking about their learning goals and their next learning steps and how to get there.

The issue we face is also around accountability to parents. Parents need to know is where their child is achieving is OK for their age. If the teacher has this conversation at the student led conference with the parents then we risk disempowering the student.

We considered the comments from parents and have decided to allow around 5 minutes to go over student achievement information with parents. We will also remind them that this is available on line and that the teacher is available to discuss at any time.

We would be interested in others view on how to manage the tension between honouring student voice and parents right to student achievement information.