Friday, February 13, 2015

Colegio Montserret

This school has strong consistency with its curriculum across all classrooms and teams focused on multiple intelligences.

Specialist subject teaching includes robotics and project based learning. They also have a live streamed TV channel which is streamed with called ” think1.TV”

There is an impressive  new open area for senior students studying International Baccalaureat curriculum. Specialist subject classrooms run along the side of this space with breakouts into adjacent outdoor learning spaces.

There is a consistent approach to curriculum  across all year levels where both multiple intelligences and project based learning are woven into a personalised curriculum

You can clearly see the students working through their action learning model in this youtube clip

The principal Monika Horsh is well known speaker in the field of creative and innovative thinking. 

Watch out for Monserrat-del-pozo at ICOT in 2015.   I am sure it will be inspiring. She is considered to be the world leader on innovation and change in education.

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