Sunday, November 2, 2014

This school was built in 2010.  The school is located in an entirely new area  of 

Copenhagen called Ørestad.   

Currently the student intake is  5-9 year olds and  is planning to take older students in 

the near future.  They are one of the Copenhagen’s specialist schools – the school 

vision is to deliver a curriculum that is  virtual and aesthetic.

There is a local library next door as part of the premises. Orestad Gymnasium is also 

next door. I was impressed  with  the variety of specialist spaces such as art, music, 

science, robotics and making models.

   I was interested to find out that  Denmark schools  basically work  in two shifts - the more 

   academic subjects are taken in the morning and in the afternoon they are taught by 

   professionals  I called the "happy life teachers". 

   This is where the programme becomes truly personalised with students choosing from a 

   range of learning  activities including art, dance, robotics, outdoor building and cooking - 

   basically following their interest and passions.

   However this 'free play way" is about to change following resolution of a major dispute 

   between the local authorities and the teachers union. Teachers were locked out for 4

   weeks!     I hope that the strong focus on personalising learning, innovation and creativity 

   will continue as I found the students engaged, motivated and very passionate about

   their learning.


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