Sunday, June 10, 2012

Twenty-first century learning at Freemans Bay School

We have just rolled out i-pads to every class in the school. These are part of a range of devices available for our students. Each class has PCs, netbooks and now i-pads and access to a pod of i-pods.

This roll-out of digital devices  is further resourcing our e-learning vision vision  at FBS.

The biggest thing about students being able to utilise devices such as netbooks, interactive whiteboards, i-pads is their motivation and enthusiasm.

Increased digital devises enhances opportunities to learn by offering students virtual experiences and tools that save them time, allowing them to take their learning further.

Our commitment to e-learning   enables us to provide a 21 century curriculum where our learners are:

Flexible, open minded and creative


Effective Communicators and creators

Focused on problem solving

Critical thinkers

.... and Globally connected

E-Learning facilitates shared learning by enabling students to join or create communities of learners that extends well beyond the classroom.

E-learning encourages connections by enabling students to enter and explore new environments overcoming barriers of distance and time.

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