Sunday, June 10, 2012

Parent Portal Workshops

Last week we held two parent workshops to facilitate more active participation with our Knowledge Net portal.

KnowledgeNET allows us to extend  learning beyond the classroom by providing a powerful online learning environment that gives our  students easy access to learning resources, reflections and assessment information.

With KnowledgeNET our students  can easily share their learning with their parents. Parents are able to see into their child's learning world at school. They can see their student  learning reflections,   evidence of their learning and comment on their students learning from where-ever they are.

Our KnowledgeNET portal  gives parents  a window into your their child's classroom.

It is a convenient and  quick way to monitor their child’s progress by way of the internet.

Parents  have instant access to important information about your child, including evidence and samples of your child’s learning, records of achievement and attendance data.

We hope that these workshops will encourage more parents to support their child's learning through our parent portal.

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