Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Digital Classroom Initiative

The aim of this initiative is to provide systemic opportunities for teachers to meaningly integrate e-learning with a sound pedagogy of teaching and learning.

This is the email I sent to my teachers at the end of last term inviting them to take part in a e-learning initiative - a digital classroom opportunity.

Hi Team!

Do you want an opportunity to ‘sharpen’ your teaching skills?

Do you like to share ideas with others and work collaboratively with other teachers?

Do you want an opportunity to reflect on your teaching practice with another teacher?

Do you want to use more ICT in your classroom practice and upskill your own skills?

Do you like to problem solve and try new things?

Do you like to challenge your ideas about teaching?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions, then you would love the opportunity to work with our ICT / curriculum leader next term in an digital – e learning class and try something different with your teaching practice.

Email me and explain :
- Why you and your class would be suitable?
- Why you want to be involved?
- The curriculum area you would like to work on and why?

I look forward to hearing from you by Thursday 3rd June 4pm.



The learning intentions of this initiative:

(as developed by our ICT lead teacher and given as part of a handout that went to interested applicants)

Provide a ‘real’ model for the integration of ICT in collaboration with the classroom teacher and in consideration of Syndicate Long Term Plans, based on a sound pedagogy which promotes ‘thinking’. This is a whole package concept - includes a planning, management, classroom environment – displays, routines, behaviour management.

Provide leadership in the development and introduction of new ideas and technologies.

To establish pockets of best practice, based on an in-depth understanding of sound pedagogy.

· To build teachers individual capacity in the area of ICT integration through encouraging; student centred learning, inquiry-based learning, collaborative work and creative and critical thinking.

· To trial a variety of pedagogical approaches through the integration of ICT. (eg. Blooms Taxonomy, Action Learning and Gardiner’s Multiple Intelligences.)

· To further develop the concept of a lead teacher and develop pockets of best practise within the school that will lead whole change through the development and promotion of an alternative teaching paradigm.

Where are we at now?
We have selected two applicants and the programme has started. The teachers have planned their units of work with the lead teacher and they work with the lead teacher for 4 teaching blocks of 90mins a week.

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