Saturday, March 1, 2014

Metacognitive Strategies

I was interested in this slide which found on @visiblelearning site on Twitter. This Twitter feed relates to  John Hattie's seminars on Visible Learning and his recent research on the same.

We believe that metacognitve strategies are central to student learning. At Freemans Bay School metacognitive strategies are specifically taught through Habits of Mind and  Assessment for Learning pedagogy.

At this stage of the year, students, supported by their teachers post explicit goals on KnowledgeNET (Learning Management System). The goals are broken down with success criteria. Students know what they need to learn, their next steps to achieve that learning and strategies for getting there.

As the learning progresses they can reflect on progress on the success criteria and post this up to share  and interact with parents and peers.

Metacognition is an explicit component of our teaching and learning process.

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  1. Sandra I find it refreshing to read school leaders blogging about what happens in their schools. I was interested in your reference to Hattie's work and in addition how you use Habits of Mind. Are you also using SOLO taxonomy as is referenced extensively by Hattie? Keep blogging, Keep sharing and best wishes on your journey. I will send you a link from mine taken last year via twitter. All the best.