Saturday, July 30, 2011

Student Led Conferences 2011

In week two of this term we are holding our student led conferences.

This Prezi presentation encapulates the key ideas of why we believe student led conferences are important in helping students achieve their learning goals.

Student led conferences are about the student leading the discussion on their learning as we believe that by the students articulating their learning to people who are important in their lives, will sharpen their thinking around their learning goals and next learning steps.

Students will be presenting their progress on goals and next learning steps to their parents on the online learning environment - "Knowledge Net". Some students will also be presenting learning journals which we are trialling on Knowledge Net as well.

Parents are able to access their child's work on Knowledge Net and make comments about their child's progress towards achieving their goals.

Learning journals are collaborative , in that the child can comment on their work as well as teachers, chosen peers and parents. We will be doing more whole school development on this in 2012 when the next iteration of Knowledge Net is ready.

We are also launching our "Parent Portal" which will enable parents to access information about their childs learning, such as, attendance, assessment information, school reports and current goals that students are working towards.

We are surveying parents opinions on our student led conferences. The survey will be conducted online with the survey monkey online tool.

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